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Pre-World War II
North American Art

John Seuart Curry


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Curry: Self  John Seuart Curry

born: Dunavant, Kansas; 14 November 1897
died: Madison, Wisconsin; 29 August 1946

Curry studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Art Institute in Chicago. His first job, about 1913, was an illustrator of pulp western magazines. Ten years later he spent a year in Europe studing art. He was recognized prinarily for melodramatic pictures of the regions where he lived and their traditions. Among his best known works are "Baptism in Kansas" (1928), see below, "Hogs Killing a Rattlesnake" (1930), and a series of paintings on circus life that he executed after touring with the Ringling Brothers in 1932, see circus elephants below. He is classified by art historians, along with Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, as an American Regionalist.

Curry executed several important murals. The one for the state capitol building in Topeka, Kan. (1938-40), has as its subject matter the turbulent events associated with the abolitionist John Brown, see picture at bottom below. Another for the Department of Justice in Washington DC, see picture at bottom below.

He taught at Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture (New York City) and at the Art Students League of New York until 1936 and was artist in residence at the University of Wisconsin until his death.


 Curry: Ajax (1932 b&w sketch)


 Curry: Ajax


 Curry: Line Storm (2nd State)

Line Storm
2nd State

 Curry: Line Storm

Line Storm

 Curry: Baptism in Kansas

Baptism in Kansas

 Curry: The Stockman

The Stockman

 Curry: Wisconsin Landscape

Wisconsin Landscape

 Curry: Circus Elephants

Circus Elephants

 Curry: The Tragic Prelude -- John Brown

The Tragic Prelude
-- John Brown

 Curry: The Law vs. Mob Rule

The Law vs. Mob Rule
US Dept. of Justice Bld. Washington DC


pre WW II
North American Art