Donations, Scholarships and E-Books


If you like our museum and want to see us grow then please contribute money. Tigertail Associates has rejected adding commercials to our site. Acquiring, restoring, archiving, and distributing art on the Internet is costly. Thus money must come from somewhere. Contributions help.

You can contribute in four ways.

1. Join the museum membership with a contribution of $25.

2. Sponsor some student scholarships.

3. Help finance the new E-book program

4. Just send money to help bring quality, non-commercial content to the web.


1. Museum Memberships

To cover our costs we have developed a membership plan with yearly membership dues. Get access to all the picture sizes and in the future, you will be able to download E-books. Cost is $25/year. "Yes, Sign me up!"


2. Museum Scholarship Sponsors

This has an unfortunate side effect to limit access to the people which we most want to serve: deserving students.

With the help of Tigertail Associates we hope to alleviate some of the damage done by charging members a yearly fee. For the poor and students we have instituted a Tigertail Museum Scholarship program. Tigertail Associates, our parent organization, is donating $500 per month toward these museum scholarships. This allows us to award 50 scholarships a week to deserving students.

We would like to allow more people to have free access. If YOU would like to sponsor some scholarships and have $500 or more to give, Tigertail Associates will match your funding. Thus for each $500 you give, we will provide 50 6-mo. museum scholarships. If you would like your money to fund a particular class of applicants (e.g. art students, or female students, poor retired teachers, or students in New York) then let us know and we will restrict, as best we can, where your scholarship money is applied.

For each scholarship we award, we will give you the name of the recipient of the award and a copy of the essay they wrote. If they allow it, we will also provide their email address. Likewise we will provide them with your name and email address so they can thank you personally. If you wish to remain anonymous you can ask us for that as well, and we will not supply your name and email to the award winner. Put your restrictions in the note on the PayPal website, email them to us, or add them to the note you put with your check.


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3. E-Book Program

New to the Museum

E-books are an essential part of the educational future. They may be somewhat slow coming into general use because of technology problems and inherent inertia in the publishing industry. Reading books on a computer screen is not fun. Although properly formatted it isn't too bad. Using specialized e-book devices makes the experience much better but they are still costly. However without good e-books to read who will buy a specialized reader? Good material must be created now to help this technology to spread.

We plan on adding e-books to our museum's library. Some of these will be 'original' others new editions of classic material. In keeping with our fine art orientation, these books will all be beautiful illustrated editions. We do not plan to charge for the books. These books are expensive to produce. They take much human energy to create. For a 150 to 200 page book the cost is roughly $50,000 US. If we commission original art for the book costs can run substantially more.

To fund these books we offer deluxe, large-size, limited-edition, hardbound copies to subscribers who contribute to helping produce the book. Contributions are $10,000 for each book. The e-book version will available to Tigertail members to download free from our website.

We currently have seven books in preparation or nearing production:

  1. Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland (with colored versions of the famous Tenniel illustrations)
  2. Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking Glass (with colored versions of the famous Tenniel illustrations)
  3. Lewis Carroll: The Hunting of the Snark (with colored versions of the Henry Holliday illustrations)
  4. Comparative Quatrains from The Rubai'yat of Omar Khayyam (with various colored illustrations)
  5. Shari Grant: Awakening the Imagination/JRR Tolkien and Images of Middle Earth (photos and drawing by Ms. Grant)
  6. Suetonius: The Lives of the Caesar's (two volumes with original pen and ink illustrations by David Glines)


4. Donate Funds: Help Create and Make Available
      Non-Commercial, Educational, Web Content


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