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English Concept Art
1700 to 1900

English pre-Raphaelites and



Concept art is a broad term used here to cover still life, common/political life, religious, mythological, and literary subjects.



18th Century

Hogarth: Self  William Hogarth

born: London, England; 10 November 1697
died: London, England; 26 October 1764


 Hogarth: The Rake's Progress

A Rake's Progress
[ one of eight pictures]
about 173
Oil on Canvas
at least one of the eight is at
Sir John Sloane's Museum
London, England

 Hogarth: [Unknown]

Hogarth: Marriage a la mode —
After the Marriage

Marriage a la mode —
After the Marriage

about 1743
Oil on canvas; 69 x 89 cm
National Gallery
London, England

Hogarth: A Scene from
the Beggar's Opera

A Scene from
The Beggar's Opera

Oil on Canvas; 57 x 76 cm
The Tate Gallery
London, England


George Stubbs  Stubbs: Self  

born: Liverpool, England; 25 August 1724
died: London, England; 10 July 1806


Stubbs: Horse Startled by a Lion

Horse Startled by a Lion

Stubbs: Mares and Foals

Mares and Foals


Some Works;



Wright, Joseph: Self  Joseph Wright
Wright of Derby

born: Derby, England; 3 September 1734
died: Derby, England; 29 August 1797


Wright, Joseph: Italian Landscape

Italian Landscape
about 1765

Wright, Joseph: Fireworks at the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome

Fireworks at the Castel San Angelo in Rome
[La Girandola]
Oil on canvas
St Petersburg, Russia

Wright, Joseph: An Italian Landscape with Mountains and a River

An Italian Landscape with Mountains and a River
Oil on canvas
p rivate collection

Wright, Joseph: The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone
Oil on canvas
Private collection

Wright, Joseph: Miravan Breaking Open
the Tomb of his Ancestors

Miravan Breaking Open
the Tomb of his Ancestors
Oil on canvas
127 x 102 cm
Private collection

Wright, Joseph: Virgil's Tomb

Virgil's Tomb
Oil on canvas
102 x 127 cm
Private collection

Wright, Joseph: Experiment with a
Sparrow and Air-Pump

Experiment with a
Sparrow and Air-Pump
about 1768
Oil on canvas
Tate Gallery, London, England


The Widow of an
Indian Chief
Watching the Arms
of her Husband

Oil on canvas; 102 x 127 cm
Museum and Art Gallery
Derby, England

about 1752
Oil on Canvas
76 x 63 cm
Private Collection

Wright, Joseph: Sir Brooke Boothby

Sir Brooke Boothby
Oil on Canvas
149 x 208 cm
Tate Gallery
London, England

Wright, Joseph: The Children of
Hugh and Sarah Wood
of Swanwick, Derbyshire

The Children of
Hugh and Sarah Wood
of Swanwick, Derbyshire

Oil on canvas
168 x 135 cm
Private collection





  George Romney

born: Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire, England; 15 December 1734
died: Kendal, Westmorland, England; 15 November 1802



West Benjamin: Self  Benjamin West

born: Springfield, Pennsylvania; 10 October 1738
died: London, England; 11 March 1820

Benjamin West specialized in historical scenes and portraits. He was a leading English artist in his time.

He was born in Springfield (now Swarthmore), Pennsylvania, and was largely self-taught. He painted portraits in Philadelphia from 1746 to 1759. On a trip to Italy in 1759 he acquired a classical style of painting by copying the works of Titian and Raphael.

In 1763, West moved to England and set up shop as a portrait painter. He became friends with Sir Joshua Reynolds. King George III commissioned him to do portraits of members of the royal family. Later he became historical painter to the court. West was a founding member of the Royal Academy. In 1792, he became the second president of the Academy.

He was a leader in the realistic movement. His painting The Death of Wolfe (1771, National Gallery, Ottawa) broke the usual tradition of depicting soldiers in contemporary battle scenes wearing Greco-Roman costumes.

West taught many painters including: Gilbert Charles Stuart and John Singleton Copley.


West, Benjamin: Death on the Pale Horse

Death on the Pale Horse


Eight more West pictures.


There are a couple of more West pictures in the American Colonial Period Gallery.



19th Century



Tatum, Frederick: William Blake  William Blake

born: London, England, 28 November 1757
died: London, England, 12 August 1827


  Blake: Ancient of Days -- copy K

Ancient of Days


Many more Blake images, prints, poems and a timeline biography



Ford Madox Brown

born: Calais, France (of English parents); 16 April 1821
died: London, England; 6 October 1893


Brown, Ford Madox: The Finding of Don Juan by Haidee

The Finding of
Don Juan by Haidee



Eight more Ford Madox Brown pictures.



William Holman Hunt

born: London, England, 2 April 1827
died: London, England, 7 September 1910


Hunt: The Light of the World

The Light of the World
Keble College, Oxford, England

 Hunt: Persecution of the Christians by the Druids

Persecution of the
Christians by the Druids

Hunt: The Lady of Shallot

The Lady of Shallot 


Hunt: The Shadow of Death

The Shadow of Death

Hunt: The Hireling Shepherd

The Hireling Shepherd
City Art Gallery,
Manchester, England


Other Works:


John Everett Millais

born: Southampton, England 8 June 1829
died: London, England; 13 August 1896


 Millais: Lorenzo and Isabella

Lorenzo and Isabella


Seven more Millais pictures.



Rossetti: Self at 18  Dante Gabriel [Gabriel Charles Dante] Rossetti

born: London, England; 12 May 1828
died: Birchington-on-the-sea, Kent, England; 9 April 1882

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was created in 1848 by seven artists: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, James Collinson, John Everett Millais, Frederic George Stephens, and Thomas Woolner. Raphael was the artist they considered having attained the highest degree of perfection. Students were encouraged to draw from his examples, rather than from nature itself. They named themselves the "Pre-Raphaelites" which probably should have been the Post-Raphaelites.

The group popularized a romantic style, marked by intricate realism, and a fondness for subjects drawn from Greek and Arthurian legend.

The movement itself did not survive the 1850's.

alt spelling: preraphaelite pre rafaelite prerafaelite rafealite prerafealite raphealite preraphealite rafaelist prerafaelist

 Rossetti: Beata Beatrix
Beata Beatrix
about 1872
Tate Gallery, London, England


Twelve more Rossetti Pictures.




Spenser Stanhope

born: Cannon Hall, Yorks; 20 January 1829
died: Bellosguardo (near Florence), Italy; 2 August 1908


 Stanhope: Psyche and Charon
Psyche and Charon



Edward Burne-Jones

born: Birmingham, England; 28 August 1833
died: London, England; 17 June 1898


  Burne-Jones: Princess Sabra Led to the Dragon

Princess Sabra Led
to the Dragon


Eighteen more Burne-Jones pictures.


Whistler: Self  James Abbott McNeill Whistler

born: Lowell, MA, United States; 11 July 1834
died: London, England; 17 July 1903

Whistler was raised in the United States, went to West Point, worked as a cartographer for the US Navy, and then he went to Paris in 1855 (at 21 years old) to study painting. In 1859 he moved to London and settled there. He espoused the philosophy of art-for-arts-sake. His pictures of people are not portraits, not even the one of his mother; it is aimed at abstraction and called: Arrangement in Gray and Black. His pictures are Studies, Nocturnes, or Symphonies. In his day critics said he just threw paint at a canvas -- that what he did was not painting. Welcome to an early start to 20th Century art.


 Whistler: Arrangement in Gray and Black (Whistler's Mother) 

Arrangement in Gray and Black
(Whistler's Mother)
Louvre, Paris


Eight more Whistler pictures.



Frederic Leighton

born: Scarborough, Yorkshire, England; 3 December 1830
died: London, England; 25 January 1896


Leighton: Winding the Skein

Winding the Skein
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Seventeen more Leighton pictures


Leighton: [sculpture] Perseus and Andromeda

Sculpture of Perseus and Andromeda
Gold Copy of a Leighton Original
made especially for the
Tigertail Virtual Museum




Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

born: Donnrijp, Friesland; 8 January 1836
died: Wiesbaden, Germany; 28 June 1912


Alma-Tadema: A  Favorite Custom

A Favorite Custom


Twenty-three more Alma-Tadema pictures.




Walter Crane

born: Liverpool, England; 15 August 1845
died: London, England; 15 March 1915



Crane, Walter: Masque of the Four Seasons

Masque of the
Four Seasons


Four more Crane pictures.



John William Waterhouse

born: Rome, Italy (of English parents); 6 April 1849
died: London, England; 10 February 1917



  Waterhouse: Circe's Cup for Ulysses

Circe's Cup for Ulysses



Thirty-two more Waterhouse pictures.





Sargent: Self  John Singer Sargent

born: Florence, Italy (American parents); 12 January 1856
died: London, England; 15 April 1925



 Sargent: Madam X

Madam X


Fifteen more Sargent pictures.



John William Godward

born: England; 1861
died: London, England; 1922

He committed suicide, leaving a note saying
that the world was not big enough for both him and Picasso.


Godward: Dolce Far Niete

Dolce Far Niete


Six more Godward Pictures



Aubrey Vincent Beardsley

born: Brighton, England; 21 August 1872
died: Menton, France; 16 March 1898


Beardsley: Lysistrata / Lacedemonian Ambassadors

The Lacedemonian
From: Lysistrata


Twenty Six more Beardsley Pictures

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