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American Post Civil War Art

1865 to 1900




Martin Johnson Heade

born: 1819
died: 1904

Practically unknown in his own day, Heade today is widely recognized as one of the
greatest American romantic painters, and is unique in having been equally able as a
landscape painter and as a master of the floral still life.


Heade: Approaching Thunder Storm

Approaching Thunder Storm

Heade: Roses and Heliotrope on a Marble Table Top

Roses and Heliotrope
on a Marble Table Top


Heade: Roses in a Salamander Vase

Roses in
a Salamander





William Holbrook Beard

born: 1824
died: 1900


Beard: The Phantom Crane

The Phantom Crane
Childs Gallery
Boston, Massachussets, US


Three more Beard pictures.




Frederic Edwin Church

born: Hartford Connecticut; 4 May 1826
died: New York, New York; 7 April 1900


 Church: Niagra Falls

Niagra Falls


Eight more Church landscapes.



Albert Bierstadt

born: Solingen, near Düsseldorf Westfalia (now Germany); 7 January 1830
died: New York, United States; 19 February 1902


 Bierstadt: Emigrants Go West

Emigrants Crossing the Plains
oil/canvas; 170×259 cm
Cowboy Hall of Fame
Oklahoma City, OK, US


More Bierstadt paintings.



Cropsey: [photo]  Jasper Francis Cropsey

born: Rossville, Staten Island, New York; 18 February 1836
died: Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; 1900

Hudson River School Landscape Painter


Cropsey: Schatacook Mt. - Conneticut

Schatacook Mt.
-- Conneticut



Three more Cropsey Landscapes.




Winslow Homer

born: Boston, Mass.; 24 February 1836
died: Prout's Neck, New York; 29 September 1910


Homer: The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream
Metropolitan Museum, New York.


Fifty more Homer pictures.


Other Works:



Moran: [photo]  Thomas Moran

born: Bolton, Lancashire, England; 12 February 1837
died: Santa Barbara, California; 1926



Moran: Chasm of the Colorado

Chasm of the Colorado
National Museum of American Art
Washington DC

Moran: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
National Museum of American Art
Washington DC

Moran: Mountain of the Holy Cross

Mountain of the Holy Cross
[Colorado Rockies]
Gene Audry Western Heritage Museum, Los Angeles

Moran: Summit of the Sierras

Summit of the Sierras


Thirteen more Moran pictures


On August 26, 1883, the island volcano of Krakatoa in Indonesia, a minor volcanic island with a history of violent volcanic activity, exploded. The eruption was one of the largest natural disasters in recorded history. The explosion was heard more than 3000 miles away. The effects were experienced on a global scale.

A series of large tsunami waves generated by the main explosion, some reaching a height of nearly 40 meters above sea level, killed more than 36,000 people in the coastal towns and villages along the Sunda Strait on Java and Sumatra islands. Tsunami waves were recorded or observed throughout the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the American West Coast, South America, and even as far away as the English Channel.

Fine ash from the eruption were carried by upper level winds as far away as New York City. Volcanic dust blew into the upper atmosphere reducing incoming solar radiation and chilling the eath thus affecting the earth's weather for several years. And 1880s were blessed with some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets ever seen.



Paul Frénzeny

born: France?; about 1840
died: London, England; 1902

Little biographical information is available for Paul Frénzeny, most of what we know comes from the Harper's Weekly pictures he created. He probably was in Mexico in his early twenties, before he ended up in New York. He was in the United States by 1868 (28) when his first wood-cut illustrations began to appear in Harper's.

He probably had little formal art training because it is reported that while he was good at sketching, he didn't seem to have been trained in painting or working in other media. All his life he worked in wood-cut illustrations via pencil sketches.

He began to work with Jules Tavernier in 1873 (33) when he began to jointly create pictures with Tavernier for Harper's. That colaboration lasted around three years.

Tavernier tried his luck as a fine artist on the frontier, Frenzeny opted for continuing as an illustrator. For awhile after they argued and broke up Frenzeny stayed around San Franciso, but finally left going down the Pacific coast to Southern California, Mexico, Central America, across Panama, and back up to New York.

He worked several more years in New York and eventually joined the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, ending up in London where he illustrated books and worked for the London Graphic. He died in London in 1902.


Big Medicine Man
about 1875
Pencil, watercolor and gouache
on blue-gray paper: 32×47 cm
Museum of Fine Art
Boston, MA, US

Holiday in China Town
Harper's Weekly v24
20 March 1880

Buffalo Bill, The Scout
about 1887
Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave
Golden, CO, US

Many more Paul Frenzeny illustrations.



Jules Tavernier

born: Paris, France; 1844
died: Honolulu, Hawaii; 18 May 1889


Tavernier: Sunrise over Diamondhead

Sunrise over


Many more Tavernier landscapes and a biography.



Eakins: Self  Thomas Eakins

born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 25 July 1844
died: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 25 June 1916


 Eakins: Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman
Oil on canvas,
76.5 x61.6 cm
Academy of Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA, US


Twenty-two more Eakins Pictures.



Thayer: Self  Abbot Handerson Thayer

born: 1849
died: 1921

Thayer: Angel



Five more Thayer pictures.



William Merritt Chase

born: Williamsberg, Indiana; 1 November 1849
died: New York; 25 October 1916



Chase: The Fairy Tale

The Fairy Tale


Six more Chase pictures.



Daniel Carter Beard

born: Cincinnati, Ohio; 1850
died: 1941

Book illustrator and an organizer of the Boy Scouts of America.



Remmington: [photo] On a Horse in 1900  Frederic Remington

born: Canton, New York; 4 October 1861
died: Ridgefield, Conn.; 26 December 1909


 Remington: On the Trail

On the Trail

 Remington: Great Explorers

Great Explorers


Eight more Remington pictures.



USPS: Tanner Stamp  Henry Ossawa Tanner

born: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; 21 June 1859
died: Paris, France; 25 May 1937


 Tanner: America Guided by Wisdom

America Guided by Wisdom


Three more Tanner pictures.



USPS: Tanner Stamp  Charles M. Russell

born: St. Louis, Mo.; 1864
died: 1926


Russell: Return of the Horse Thieves

Return of the
Horse Thieves


Russell: Loops and Swift Horses are Surer than Lead

Loops and Swift Horses
are Surer than Lead
Amon Carter Museum
Fort Worth, Texas, US


Three more Russell pictures.


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